Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Dream 1014

'Tranakin Skywalker (Instagram Influencer), Neil Breen (Incompetent ICE Agent) & Manny MUA Being Problematic - A Trio of Terrible People'
Date: 23 July 2019
Scene 1: An Unknown Interior - Day
I don't know where I was when this dream began, but I think I was inside an interior location. I was with Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars (i.e. Hayden Christensen). Despite him being my real life crush, in the dream I did not fancy him or even like him, because he was really annoying and intense. He seemed awkward and creepy, but not dangerous. Just someone you wouldn't want to be friends with. I cannot recall what we discussed, but I had a clear recollection of being annoyed and irritated. Anakin told me that he wanted to become transgender so that he could become famous as an Instagram influencer. I am not sure that I questioned it in the dream, but looking back now I am awake, it did not seem like he was saying he was a woman - more than he was purposefully trying to become transgender for the sake of it. Anakin said that we should find a doctor or I knew he wanted to find a doctor. I am not sure how we tried to contact a doctor, because the next section of this dream appeared to be like a movie - as if I was watching it from a removed, third-party perspective, like I wasn't present alongside the other dream characters. I am not sure if Anakin saw it from this perspective, as later we discussed what we saw as if we both viewed the same thing? (see below).

The movie scene played out as the following: I saw my Mum walking into a shower room, which was all very clean, white tiles - and had a lot of steam. My Mum was wrapped in a white towel. I saw this from a position behind my Mum - looking in through the open doorway of the shower room.

Cut to another scene - by a brick wall. There is a girl - who I do not recognise in real life - and I am not sure if I knew her in the dream. I remember thinking she looked/seemed 'cool'. If I had to describe her I would say she looks like Audrey Tautou in Amelie (2001) or Noomi Rapace (or rather, the way I thought Noomi Rapace looks with short, dark hair - upon searching for images of her now, I am not quite sure why she was the person who first sprung to mind when recalling this dream. I thought about Audrey Tautou after reconsidering the way the girl looked). I knew the girl was a musician and to me she seemed very 'Bohemian' and arty. She was wearing grunge-style clothes, I cannot recall specifics, but I remember thinking she had good fashion. She had an instrument with her, I cannot recall what it was as it was in a case and I cannot remember the shape. The girl was sitting on the ground. I cannot recall the scenery or weather.

I then saw her getting off a train in an old-fashioned, or at least, grand and traditional-looking, train station, where the dominant colour was gold or bronze - highly decorative walls and ceiling. It also gave me the impression of a grand hall of some kind as everything seemed really ornate. I realised it was Christmas, as there was a large decorated Christmas tree in the building, this stretching up to the ceiling. It had baubles, tinsel and fairy lights on it. There were a large number of other dream characters present - which also made it feel like a large public space. It felt like I was watching this scene from above, somewhere near the roof, looking down at the girl from an angle. I noticed that she was wearing brown leather lace-up shows with white socks and a black mid-calf length skirt. I thought this outfit was 'one of her worst' and had a strong reaction of dislike and disappointment in her shoe choice. Someone called to the girl from behind, and I saw Neil Breen running towards her. He was dressed as an old Hollywood leading man - in a smart suit with a long overcoat and a hat. I knew he was an ICE Agent (USA Immigration and Customs Enforcement), but I also knew he was the doctor that Anakin and I were trying to contact. The man seemed to know the girl and he said something to her. He then lunged towards her and kissed her breasts, which were large, with a lot of cleavage on show, as she was wearing a black dress, with a low neckline (with a brown coat on top, I recall seeing her outfit clearly throughout this scene). Neil Breen seemed to 'wipe' his mouth across her cleavage for a long time, and I remember thinking this was one of the grossest things I had ever witnessed. The girl was shocked and upset at the sexual assault. I then realised that Neil Breen had been under investigation within ICE because he was 'incompetent' and had permitted vast quantities of Xanax to be trafficked into the USA illegally. 

It then cut back to me talking to Anakin about Neil Breen as a doctor. I said he should not trust Neil Breen to perform gender-reassignment surgery - this was based on what we knew from the scene with the girl (which makes me think we had both watched the same thing as Anakin was also aware of Neil Breen's history). Anakin was fretting and was still being annoying in his behaviour - there was a lot of 'indecision'. I think he was pacing about. I told him he should ask people on Instagram what they thought, because it appeared Anakin was already an Instagram influencer to some extent. 

Anakin said that Manny MUA (Manuel Gutierrez) could perform the gender-reassignment surgery for free if we went out with him to eat octopus. I knew the octopus would be served raw and I did not want to go to eat it. I am not sure how Anakin contacted Manny MUA, as I did not experience that part of the dream, or I do not recall it. Manny MUA was going to do Anakin's gender-reassignment surgery bit-by-bit, taking each section of his body, starting with 'hair and makeup'. I remember feeling uneasy about this, but I am not sure why. 

I cannot recall if anything else happened in between the scenes of this dream, as it seems to jump to after Anakin had the gender-reassignment surgery from Manny MUA, and I feel like I might have met Manny MUA in the dream - but I actually cannot even recall definitely seeing him! 

Anakin came into a room, through a white door. I distinctively remember the door had gloss paint on it and it being shiny. Anakin was now a trans-woman, but I could not see her body as she was wearing Anakin's brown Jedi robes from Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002). Anakin now had longer hair, which was very 'bouffant', and very '1980s' makeup (blue eyeshadow, a lot of blusher, bright pink lipstick). I thought she looked out of style and wondered how she was going to be an Instagram influencer with that style. Anakin told me that Manny MUA was suing me because I had refused to eat the octopus with him. Anakin's expression was 'smug' or patronising - she seemed pleased to tell me this. I felt enraged and betrayed by Anakin and said I was going to expose Manny MUA for fraud (pretending to be a doctor? doing bad hair/makeup on Anakin? not sure what I was exposing) - this felt like a good idea and a way of making things right. I decided I would do this through 'Royal Channels' which was a TV show hosted by Neil Breen and involved people telephoning during a live broadcast to receive counselling about personal matters. 

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

Additional Notes:
  • This dream took place during the period in which I am testing the Awoken Lucid Dreaming App - please click HERE to read my introductory post which provides all relevant information about this app which is designed to help you train your mind for lucid dream induction!
  • I think about Anakin Skywalker all the time and he is the screensaver on my phone
  • The day of this dream I had been involved in a Facebook discussion about transphobia in comments sections
  • On the day of this dream I had been rewatching some of my favourite online movie reviews - one of them was of Stephen King's IT (1990) - the TV mini-series - I distinctly recall the review mentioned the shower scene where Pennywise first introduces himself to Eddie. I had also been watching reviews of Neil Breen movies. While on the subject of things I had watched online the day of this dream which obviously influenced it in terms of Day Residue, I had watched some drama channels discussing Manny MUA's most recent 'dramas' (specifically, the fact he is late in launching a summer palette). I had also began watching the US version of The Office - and saw the Christmas episode from Season 2 on the day of this dream, which features a Christmas tree
  • I mentioned Noomi Rapace in a conversation with DL a few days before this dream - in the context of her role in A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) remake - he did not correct me at the time, but I have just realised from searching for the Wikipedia link to the movie, that all this time, when I had Noomi Rapace in my mind - not only as the person I mistook to be in A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010), but also as the person the girl in this dream resembled - I actually meant Rooney Mara! So, my subconscious, dreaming mind made the same mistake as my conscious one! 
  • I had seen a lot of online discussions about the controversies surrounding the operation of ICE 
  • On the link between ICE and a corrupt doctor - a few days before this dream, I had seen an online discussion in which people were comparing ICE detention facilities with Nazi concentration camps. In a separate conversation with DL around this time, Dr Josef Mengele, the SS Officer and Chief Physician at Auschwitz, who performed human experimentation
  • I had a (telephone) conversation with AJR about sexual assault the day of this dream (or at least the word 'nonce' was mentioned, which has connotations of sexual misconduct)
  • I saw a video thumbnail of a girl eating an octopus and also saw a clip of Belle Delphine playing with an octopus/squid a couple of days before this dream
  • On the day of this dream I had been finding and following a lot of Instagram accounts themed around old Hollywood, vintage fashion etc - I saw male Hollywood movie stars wearing the kind of outfit seen on Neil Breen in this dream. In fact, Neil Breen and the girl may have been influenced by stars such as Humphrey Bogart (1899 - 1957) and Audrey Hepburn (1929 - 1993) as I saw photographs of both these old Hollywood stars on the day of this dream, and Neil Breen's outfit resembled Bogart's classic look, and the girl did resemble Hepburn. I also saw the kind of hair/makeup seen on Anakin, on some 1970s/1980s themed accounts
  • Thinking about the mix of exposing drama and counselling/therapy - I had watched some Youtube videos criticising Rewired Soul which is ostensibly a 'therapy' and mental health channel (despite the creator not being a qualified therapist, although I am not sure if he actually claims to be a professional or not), yet descended into drama/commentary, which was generally considered to be problematic

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