Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Dream 1001

'Post-Programme Review'
Date: 2 July 2019
Scene 1: An Entrance - Day
I cannot recall the very start of this dream, but there was some action/narrative which I think I have forgotten, as this dream seemed much longer and more detailed/vivid when I first woke up and tried to recall it (I did not write it down immediately as I was awoken by someone ringing my doorbell, so this distracted me and disrupted my dream recall). I was aware that myself and a number of peers (these later seemed to be former students I attended high school with) were undergoing some sort of 'post-programme' review - it appeared to be a review of our progress on a course we had just completed. I was standing under an arched gateway, which was near the entrance to the building we were about to enter. I could see the sky above us was cloudy. We were standing in a line, and I turned to the female dream character beside me (I cannot recall who it was, but she was familiar to me in the dream and in real life) and said words to the effect of (I cannot quote myself verbatim here, but I know the gist of the sentence as it was a joke I felt very clever for making): 'there's no point in doing a 15 minute review, I could have masturbate for 15 minutes and that includes the time it takes to find some pornography'. For some reason, I thought this was the funniest thing ever and this joke made perfect sense.  I knew the review would take 15 minutes as we were reviewing 'the previous month' and this was the standard time (I am not sure what this meant, I just knew 1 month programme = 15 minute review). The queue of people awaiting the 'post-programme review' were finally allowed to enter the building, which appeared to be some kind of educational institution (a school or college). 

Scene 2: A Classroom - Day
The post-programme review was actually a First Aid demonstration, involving one person sitting down on the floor and another person rubbing their bare shins with their hands. I sat on the floor, while SHLL (a composite of 2 girls I went to school with - both with the same first name and initial of their last name - this dream character was a mixture of both in the dream) rubbed my legs. The class (our peers) watched this happen, from a semi-circle of chairs a few meters away. I felt annoyed because this was a waste of my time and I thought it was all pointless. 

Scene 3: A Train Carriage - Day
I was then on a train, standing up as it was travelling. I cannot recall anything further about this scene or the dream at all. 

Additional Notes:
  • In my line of work, there is such a thing as a 'post-programme review' for prisoners completing courses/programmes
  • The day before this dream I had been discussing appraisals and how the ongoing performance of me and my colleagues in my welfare job on campus would be reviewed every month with my friend LD1 - we both agreed this would be pointless and a waste of time
  • I had been discussing former school peers with my Mum a couple of days before this dream
  • My Mum and I had specifically discussed SH1 and SH2 - the 2 girls from my high school. My Mum had mentioned someone with the first name 'S' and then asked if I remembered the last name, which began with 'H' - I had named both SH1 and SH2
  • AJR told me he had been diagnosed with 'shin splints' (from running) a couple of days before this dream
  • I had travelled back from Sheringham on the train a couple of days before this dream

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