Sunday, 14 July 2019

Dream 1008

'The Naughty Nurse Strikes Again!'
Date: 13 July 2019
Scene 1: Unknown Location - Time Unknown
I have forgotten much of the details of this dream. It occurred on the night after AJR's long-awaited Parole Board Hearing was adjourned for a matter beyond his control, which is the direct influence for this anxiety dream. 

I was aware that AJR's Parole Board Hearing was adjourned for a period of 3 months in the dream. I was talking to his mum (I think on the phone), and said I hoped he would not be back in contact with a toxic person, LPB given he would be in prison for longer than expected.

I had a conversation with AJR (I think on the phone, although I did actually see him). He had a piece of A4 paper in his hand, and told me he had been in contact with LPB because he needed her to give him medical treatment. I was angry and upset, but was unable to persuade him otherwise. I felt betrayed and unappreciated.

I cannot recall anything else about the dream.

Additional Notes:
  • Note that AJR and LPB have never had any kind of romantic or sexual relationship - she was a former friend who helped him out while he was in prison, but ultimately used and abused his trust and loyalty in the worst possible way - she is truly evil and manipulative and AJR wants no further contact with her now that he has successfully removed her from all aspects of his life
  • I had a dream which led me to discuss LPB in the Additional Notes section of the dream - see Dream 1005 - 'Bare-chested Nightmare Stalker Woman & Beanstalks' (PARTIAL NIGHTMARE)
  • AJR and I often joke about how LPB is his real girlfriend and I am just his 'side piece' - we refer to her as a 'naughty nurse' (see Dream 1005 for the reasons behind this)
  • AJR and I had been discussing medical reports on the day of this dream

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