Friday, 19 July 2019

Dream 1011

'Wu Tang Clan Party & Hand Job Declined'
Date: 18 July 2019
Scene 1: An Unknown Interior - Time Unknown
I was in an interior location - I think it might have been a house, but it was not familiar to me in real life. There were others present - people who I know, who I think I also know from real life - I believe they were people from Sheringham, who I know from school days. I was aware that a party was taking place that night and that it was being hosted by Wu Tang Clan, however, in this dream 'Wu Tang Clan' were actually a group of boys I knew from my school days - skateboarders known for being rebellious and quite popular. They all drank underage and smoked cannabis and I used to socialise with this group. In the dream, it was a privilege to be invited to this exclusive party, so I was very excited. There was some further action, which I cannot recall.

I was then sitting behind a very high wooden object with a former friend, CG. The wooden object looked like the top of a desk, which was about 3 - 4 meters tall and made of a very orange looking wood. It felt as if we were in a courtroom, although I cannot say for sure. It seemed like something very formal was happening amongst a group of (unknown) adult dream characters, in front of us, about 10 meters away at the opposite end of what was a large room. I noticed that the walls of the room were also made of orange coloured (panelled) wood. The dream characters were mostly male and wearing grey suits and ties (I only recall seeing a lot of grey suits). AJR entered the room and approached CG and I. I could tell that CG was scared of AJR and was not talking to him. AJr was wearing a white T-shirt I told AJR that we were going to a Wu Tang Clan party that night - I was still excited. AJR said: 'I hope Gronty is there'. 'Gronty' was a new member of Wu Tang Clan, which I knew when he said it to me. He had a burned face and wore a leather mask over it and was very big - I knew this because I saw an image of Gronty in front of me as if he was present, but it was an image in my 'mind's eye' instead. He was wearing clothes that made me think he was a construction worker - but in real life, I would not have come to that conclusion - it was just a dirty light-coloured shirt and some brown trousers. He was wearing a lot of multicoloured, plastic beaded bracelets on his wrists. If I had to describe him in real life, I would say he did pretty much resemble Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th franchise.

Scene 2: A Bedroom - Time Unknown
I was then in a bedroom, but all I knew was that I was in a  double-bed with a white duvet on it. CG was also in the bed. There was some (unrecalled) conversation, and then I became aware that CG was masturbating. He then removed his jeans (blue) and leaned over me to throw them on the floor on my side of the bed. I felt shocked and annoyed by his behaviour. It became apparent - I am not sure how, but I think he might have said verbally - that CG expected me to give him a 'hand job' (literally give him a hand!) I was scared and intimidated by this, and got out of the bed.

Scene 3: A Hallway - Time Unknown
I ran out into a hallway which was very beige and long, so this made it seem like I was in a hotel, although I am not sure. I did not see the doors to any other rooms. There were 2 security guards in the corridor - dressed like security in uniforms. Both were older men. I told the security guards about CG wanting me to give him a hand job and said it was disrespectful to AJR. One of the security guards pointed at a sign which was on a small (knee-height) sandwich-style noticeboard - it said: 'you can only have consent' in black typed words. I knew this meant that CG was now in trouble and I said that I did not want him to be in trouble. I cannot recall what else happened in this section of the dream.

Scene 4: The Wu Tang Clan Party - Night
I then went to the Wu Tang Clan party, which was a house party and filled with dream characters. Many of them were people I went to school with - looking as they did when we were in school. The lights in the room were very blue coloured and it was quite misty/smoky in the room. Everything looked fuzzy. Against one wall of the room was a chaise lounge - seated on it were various members of the Wu Tang Clan - but they were actually boys I went to school with - I recall seeing MS1 and JSS in particular. They were lounging back causally. They looked as they did when we were in school too. Everyone was drinking alcohol and smoking. I cannot recall if there was music in the party.

AJR then ran up to me, looking panicked. He said: 'Gronty drowned in the sea'. He was upset about this, but I did not really care, as I thought Gronty was a bad person.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream, but there was a lot more detail, which I have forgotten, as I fell asleep again after first waking up with good recall of this dream.

Additional Notes:
  • On the day of this dream I had been watching Youtube videos - Storytimes with Tana Mongeau - this made me reminisce about my own youth and the rebellious things I used to get up to (and away with!)
  • CG is from Manchester and would fall (broadly) into the same category of boys referred to above - although he was also into heavy metal music and alternative culture
  • I was building a courtroom in Sims 3 - which had a lot of wooden panels and a bench made of orange wood, which I changed it to a darker wood with a better texture, because I felt it was too orange
  • I had been watching a Cinema Snob review of Freddy v Jason (2003) - which accounts for the facial burns and weird mask 'Gronty' was wearing
  • I had a conversation on my Facebook with an online friend, SLD - about the predatory behaviour of men online. SLD tried to argue that men are acting on impulse of evolutionary sexual behaviours and cannot control how they approach women they are sexually attracted to - I was objecting to this and made a comment that I found men who approach women with partners (my relationship status is on my Facebook) are being disrespectful. I also said that no-one would dare disrespect AJR if they knew him

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