Saturday, 6 July 2019

Dream 1003

Date: 5 July 2019
Scene 1: A Science Lab - Time Unknown
I was in a science lab, waiting for AJR - I cannot give a proper description of the science lab, other than it appeared t be pretty empty and the lights had a yellow tinge to them. The walls were shiny white and everything seemed clean and sterile. I cannot recall much of what happened while I was waiting for AJR. He eventually approached me - dressed in a white lab coat. He was holding some papers and something I only recall as being red in colour. AJR told me that he was trying to calculate the meaning of 'amalgamaze'. I did not know what this meant and in my mind thought it was something to do with science as we were in a science lab. There was some time where AJR and I were then apart, because he left to work on the 'amalgamaze'. I cannot recall what happened in this part of the dream. 

I was then looking at some big tanks of water which appeared to be large, steel bath tubs. I am not sure if this was still in the science lab or not. I cannot recall many details about this part of the dream other than just standing and looking. AJR approached me again. He said he had done some maths and realised that 'amalgamaze' was an error and he had meant 'amalgamation'. He told me that he had worked out the meaning of 'amalgamation' and could now finish work for the day, which made me happy because I spend time with him.

Additional Notes:
  • This dream took place after me recording and uploading Quickshot Dream Incubations | QDI#2 (see my introductory article - Quickshot Dream Incubations | QDI#1 and my video for QDI#1, below) - However, at the time I had this dream (early hours of the morning on 5 July 2019), I had not yet begun QDI#2 - I include it below as this was the next Quickshot Dream Incubation Experiment
  • The day after this dream I had a conversation on the telephone with AJR where I told him about this dream - I transcribed the following conversation (my dialogue is not verbatim, but AJR's responses are, as I contemporaneously recorded them for you):
Me: OK, before I tell you about the dream I want to ask you whether you know what a certain word means
Me: Amalgamation
AJR: No, I've never heard that word in my life, what does it mean?
Me: [provides a basic definition of the word 'amalgamation' from memory, stating it means combining or mixing different things together] - then describes the dream to AJR
AJR: Why are you trying to turn it ['amalgamaze'] into mayonnaise? Why are you doing this to me? [then tells me he is too triggered to even eat mayonnaise anymore and feels bullied]

* Note that my nickname for AJR is 'Mayonnaise' or 'AJonnaise', hence why he perceived the word 'amalgamaze' in this way. I have Googled the word and found that there are various companies called Amalgamaze, which I was not aware of prior to this dream. In my memory I have never heard this word before. In the dream I did not associate the word with mayonnaise

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