Sunday, 14 July 2019

Dream 1009

'Mass Exodus of Prisoners'
Date: 14 July 2019
Scene 1: An Unknown Exterior Location - Day
I cannot recall this dream because I woke up from it, with fairly good dream recall, then realising it was only 05:00 am, fell back asleep without recording it. I can now only remember a single fragment of this dream. 

I was talking to AJR (maybe on the phone?) and I was asking him to come somewhere or meet me (or maybe have a prison visit? I cannot recall the context). He told me that the entire population of prisoners was being removed from the prison under circumstances I cannot recall. This was a big event and I was confused about what was happening. 

I then had a vision of hundreds of male prisoners walking in single file in a sunny outside environment (no details recalled, other than the prisoners were all wearing prison regulation clothing and all appeared to be the same height and age - i.e. 20s and 30s).

Additional Notes:
  • Clearly influenced by AJR's circumstances and my work in prisons, but cannot think of anything specific in terms of Day Residue

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