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Dream 1004

'Deaths, Wakes & Favourite Pubs'
Date: 6 July 2019
Scene 1: A Pub, Location Unknown - Day
I think I have forgotten the very start of this very vivid dream, which I had extremely clear recall of when first waking. Not writing it down immediately was a massive mistake and I relied too heavily on my conscious memory.

I was in a pub - my Mum and her former friend and work colleague AB were present and it was clear that both worked in this pub, but it was not the Two Lifeboats Hotel, Sheringham, which is the real life pub we all worked in many years ago. This pub had a bar which faced the entrance/window and I am unsure of the precise location as I did not see outside. The colours dominant in this pub were gold and red and there was a lot of wood and fresh flowers as decor. It was a very aesthetic interior. I was sitting on a bar stool at the bar. My Mum was behind the bar and kept disappearing out the back to the kitchen area, as it was a busy day. There were a number of dream characters - customers of the pub - present. At the bar, I was playing with/looking at a box, which was about the size of a football, but square (I couldn't think of a comparable sized cubed object which could be universally recognised!). This boz was wood and metal and had various asymmetrical details covering it, which I do not remember well enough to describe - or perhaps the object was so dreamlike in quality that it cannot be visualised in real life. I remember thinking it was odd when looking at it in the dream. My Mum came over and took the box, which she said was 'the wake' for a dead customer. In the dream I understood that the box was the wake held after the funeral for the dead person (who I only vaguely knew in the dream). I then said: 'this is my second favourite pub after the one in Maida Vale' (this relates to a pub I used to visit in real life, in around 2010 - 2011 when I was living in London and visiting my former friend from Norwich, EB who was staying with his sister in Maida Vale, London. I have always thought the Maida Vale pub was one of the best I have ever visited, due to it's atmosphere and decor - see below for more details). I then knew I had to leave the pub.

Scene 2: A Teaching Space/Classroom - Time Unknown
I was then in a small room, which resembles a teaching space/classroom I have previously taught in at my university.  In the dream it may or may not have been a location at my university - I did not know it was a classroom in the dream, I just accepted it as a room I was in that did not feel unfamiliar to me. I was sitting at a table, and there was some reference to cannabis, but I cannot recall - maybe I was trying to arrange to buy some? There was also something to do with my Nan - this was significant when I first woke up, remembering the dream, but I can no longer remember what happened at this stage of the dream. I received a telephone call - it wasn't AJR on the phone, but a third-party (I cannot recall who) telling me that AJR was out committing a criminal offence (I cannot recall what it was). It was clear AJR was out of prison from the context of the telephone call, but in my dream mind I thought 'the Parole Board won't care about this because it's not violent' (this is not true). I was unconcerned. I cannot recall what else happened during this part of the dream.

Scene 3: A Pub/Train - Day
I was then back in the pub I had been in before, and knew it was late afternoon because it wasn't as busy as usual. The pub now resembled the carriage of a train, which rows of tables either side of a narrow aisle. I remember thinking it was like a train while in the dream. There was an elderly white female dream character sitting alone, on one of the small round pub tables, which was close to a partition (like those which you walk through on a train to reach the next carriage). I approached the woman, who seemed to know me. I was standing beside her, leaning down so that she could talk to me. I cannot recall much about her appearance, other than she looked scruffy, with oversized clothing and white hair. She handed me the 'wake box' (as seen in Scene 1) and told me this was for me. The handing to me of the wake box symbolised her giving me money, as I knew I could exchange it for other items of monetary value. I immediately thought I could use the wake box to buy some cannabis, but the woman suggested I use it to buy 2 classical music records - she gave me the names of the 2 classical composers who she thought were the best culturally and artistically. In the dream I recognised the name of the composers, but I cannot recall them in real life (it was along the lines of Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky etc). I told the woman that I knew nothing about classical music and was not interested in it. She said something to me like: 'you need to become more cultured'. I agreed with her, but inside knew I would just use the wake box to buy cannabis as planned. 

I then realised that my former boss and friend DT had died and I had forgotten to tell my best friend LD1 (who is a friend of DT). I had a memory within the dream of talking to LD1  on the phone, while in the location of Scene 2 - so when I was in the teaching space/classroom. I knew I had to return to this location in order to call LD1 and tell him about DT's death.

Scene 4: The Classroom - Time Unknown
I then returned to the teaching space/classroom. I could see that now this appeared to be a bus shelter - I was looking through the glass/perspex partition. I also felt as if I was in Sheringham (or somewhere incredibly familiar, looking out at a part of this location, which as an external/outside one - and recognising it as looking exactly as it does in real life. I woke up with a distinct memory of the location and how realistic it was). I phone LD1 and told him DT had died and apologised for forgetting to tell him on the last phone call. LD1 said we had better organise a wake box for the funeral. I did not seem to know/remember or disclose that I had been given a wake box earlier. 

I cannot recall anything else about this dream, but given how vivid it was and how strong my initial recall was upon waking, some of the details may resurface. If I remember anything further about this dream, I will record it below.

Additional Notes:
  • This dream took place within the 24 hours I was attempting Quickshot Dream Incubations | QDI#2 (see my introductory article - Quickshot Dream Incubations | QDI#1 and my video for QDI#2, below) - I had no success! Stay tuned for QDI#3!
  • Some investigation revealed the pub in Maida Vale I was recalling was The Warrington Hotel (see images, below)

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